Blood circulation, better quality than smart bison

Nature has not waited for fashion holidays to invent its own traffic system. These are the cars that copied!

As a rule, thanks to the arteries, the departures go pretty well .... With originality, the baggage is en route: the oxygen in the lungs and the energy needed in the intestine. The charge is progressive, well organized. No traffic jams unless suddenly a part of the body starts to suffer. We are able to mobilize the vast majority of our blood to fight, for example, against an aggressor like heat.

It is for this reason that, when it is too hot, one becomes red and that one sweats

As often - to take the image of the road - it is the returns that pose a problem

The problem is indeed much more complex. Firstly because we must fight against gravity. This role is entrusted mainly to the veins which are much more sophisticated than the arteries, because the blood of the legs must return to the heart so back up. More flexible, more tortuous and especially made up of a multitude of small check valves. Another characteristic of our circulation is its capacity to create a multitude of small roads, new vessels to make their way as soon as an obstacle imposes it; This is called micro circulation.

Alternative route.

Unlike some poorly-prepared holidaymakers, garbage is not left behind and return traffic is complemented by a well-run and efficient garbage disposal system. A bis route that doubles the veins. It's the lymphatic circulation.

There is little talk of this circulation, which is the permanent forgotten while it consists of a multitude of vessels and storage tanks sometimes bulky. This circulation, which knows perfectly well to be forgotten in normal times, sometimes reminds us brutally to order. For example, a small wound in the foot can quickly result in a large leg and bulky ganglions in the groin, when this circulation saturates.

If a traffic problem is suspected, nature reacts with load shedding routes. But also by forming varices, unsightly and painful

Veinotonic drugs

To get treatment, it is first necessary to eliminate some causes: mainly tobacco and inactivity. There are also drugs, but they do not have a very good reputation because for years they have been the most prescribed drugs by doctors, with a lot of pressure from many pharmaceutical companies. These are the veinotonic ones.

Having never really proved their effectiveness, they are now unreported. Leaving the medical profession without real solutions.

This measure is probably largely justified, even though many doctors have wondered why this class of drugs was used as an example. Some (es) have argued that it is a reputedly feminine disease and that it is the men who most often make the laws ...

But that's another debate !

Moreover to be honest, it is a legend to which we must twist the blow. Men are equally affected.

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