Alcohol: the French could win 2 years of life expectancy with 10 glasses a week

According to a study of nearly 600,000 people in developed countries, one should not exceed 100 grams of alcohol, that is to say the equivalent of ten glasses of different alcoholic beverages, per week. With more than 18 glasses a week, the French have efforts to make.

We must review the recommendations in terms of alcohol consumption. This is suggested by the results of a study published in the prestigious international journal, The Lancet. This research followed nearly 600,000 people in various developed countries and looked at alcohol consumption and the thresholds at which it becomes particularly dangerous.

She recommends not to exceed 100 grams of alcohol per week. Knowing that ten grams of alcohol correspond to a standard dose of different alcoholic beverages: a glass of 25 cl of beer, 10 cl of wine or 3 cl of strong alcohol. France, which is one of the 3 biggest consumers with 18.2 glasses of alcohol per week and French, is still far away.

Recommendations in the nails in France

Each country makes its own recommendations. In the United States, for example, the threshold is 196 g per week for men and 98 g for women. In Belgium, it is 210 g for men per week, and 140 g for women. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that consumption becomes particularly harmful when it is 40 grams of alcohol per day for women and 60 g for men.

In France, experts from Public Health France and the National Institute against Cancer, published last May recommendations on alcohol consumption: it should not exceed 100 g per week and abstain two days per week week, according to them. We are therefore consistent with this study theoretically, but not in practice.

Reduce consumption to increase life expectancy

For this research, the scientists studied 599,912 alcohol drinkers, who had no previous cardiovascular history to eliminate those already at risk. In this population, alcohol use is associated with increased risk of myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, stroke, fatal hypertension, etc.

According to their results, people who consume between 100 and 200 g of alcohol a week, have a reduced life expectancy of six months when they reach 40 years; for those who consume between 200 and 350 g of alcohol a week, life expectancy is reduced from one to two years. Finally for those who exceed 350 g per week, life expectancy is reduced from 4 to 5 years.

At goal, France can earn 2 years of life expectancy

This is why these researchers recommend not to exceed 100 g of alcohol per week. They have, in fact, found that for men consuming 196 g of alcohol per week, a figure very close to the average consumption observed in France, the reduction of this rate to 100 g allowed to win one to two years of life expectancy at age 40.

It is important to remember that in France, between 40,000 and 50,000 deaths each year are related to alcohol.

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