IVG: What is the conscience clause of doctors?

The thousands of anti-abortion people who participated this weekend in the "March for Life" defended including "conscientious objection" doctors who refuse to perform abortions.

Thousands of people * anti-abortion participated this weekend in the "March for Life". This year, the event aimed primarily to defend "conscientious objection" of doctors who refuse to perform abortions. The opposite ideological current wishes to suppress that contained in the law Veil, which duplicates that inscribed in the code of public health.

"Personal, professional or ethical beliefs"

As with all medical procedures, a doctor may refuse to practice an abortion (Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption). He then invokes his "conscience clause", inscribed in the code of ethics and integrated into the public health code as follows: "except in cases of emergency and one where he would fail in his duties of humanity, a doctor has the the right to refuse care for professional or personal reasons.If it emerges from its mission, it must then notify the patient and send to the doctor designated by it the information useful for the continuation of care.
A CNOM report of 16 December 2011 also states that the conscience clause "is, except in the case of urgency for the doctor, the right to refuse to carry out a medical act that is authorized by law but that he considers contrary to his own personal, professional or ethical beliefs ".

Double conscience clause

The abortion also has, and this is the only medical act in this case, a specific clause of conscience, inscribed this time in the law Veil, which legalized the abortion in France in 1975. "A doctor n ' is never required to perform a voluntary abortion but must inform the woman immediately of her refusal and immediately communicate the names of practitioners likely to perform this intervention in the manner provided, "says the legislative text. "This double clause of conscience has a strong symbolic value, because it makes IVG a separate medical act, while it is a right in its own right," regrets Véronique Séhier, co-chair of family planning.

In mid-September, the president of the National Union of Gynecologists-Obstetricians Bertrand de Rochambeau equated the abortion to a homicide. "All doctors are not ready to stop a life If you are bad with a gesture that must be done, I believe it is better, in conscience, to entrust this gesture to someone else ", did he declare. Friday, September 28, 2018, the former Minister of Women's Rights Laurence Rossignol has tabled, with several senators and socialist senators, a proposal for a law to remove the conscience clause specific to abortion.

In 2017, 216,700 voluntary abortions were performed in France, a stable figure for many years. One in three women will experience this event at least once in their lifetime. Young women (aged 20 to 24) remain the most affected, with a rate of 26.7 IVG per 1,000 women throughout France. Then come women aged 25 to 30 years. Only 6% of minors are involved. The motivations are multiple: problems of contraception, bad timing, separation, conjugal violence ...

Two options are available to women wishing to abort: the drug pathway (up to 7 weeks of pregnancy) or the instrumental way. Until the 12th week of pregnancy, this can be done in the hospital, in a planning center or at a city doctor. Every patient must have the right to choose between the two methods, and must receive a response within five days of their request.

* 50,000 people according to the organizers, 7,400 according to the police.

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