Diabetes and cancer: a small capsule to swallow could end the bites

A revolutionary new device is in the process of eliminating the need for stings.

Nothing is more unpleasant than a sting. To improve the plight of patients afflicted with this daily affliction, such as diabetics or cancer patients, researchers have developed a small capsule that directly transfers the drug into the body from the stomach. With this new device, called Soma, no need for injection, just swallow it.

The shape of the carapace of a miniature turtle

"Oral administration is the simplest and least invasive way to take pharmaceuticals, but many drugs, such as insulin, can not survive the passage in the stomach," explain the scientists in the preamble in the review Science.

The device has the shape of the shell of a miniature turtle. Once it is positioned against the stomach wall, a needle comes out and injects insulin into the body, "directly through the gastric mucosa while avoiding perforation". The device then passes through the colon and is naturally eliminated by the body.
The researchers knew that if they could pass a drug through the paresis of the stomach, it would easily enter the bloodstream. They also concluded that a sting in the stomach, which does not have many receptors, would be painless.

Test Soma in men in three years

The device currently works in rats and pigs, and scientists hope to start testing Soma in humans in three years. "We conducted in vivo studies in rats and pigs that support the safety of the applicator and, using insulin as a model drug, we demonstrated that Soma produces plasma concentrations of active pharmaceutical ingredients comparable to those obtained by subcutaneous administration ", specify the engineers.
At a minimum, they could soon change the lives of 425 million people with diabetes worldwide, and 18.1 million cancer patients.

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