Are there any abnormal sexual fantasies?

Although having fantasies is quite normal, some may be more or less considered deviant.

Having sex with others, being disguised, using props or having fun in a public place are among the most common fantasies, both for men and women. However, what are the abnormal or deviant fantasies?

What does psychiatry say?

For the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5), simply fantasizing sexually can be considered sexual deviance or paraphilia. However, the distinction must be made between the imaginary and what is really realized.

Most fantasies, even if they include sexual scenarios different from actual practice, will only remain fantasies and will never be realized.

What are we fantasizing about?

According to the results of a Canadian statistical study that interviewed 799 women and 717 men about their fantasies, the results show that only 2 fantasies out of 55 are considered deviant, namely zoophilia and pedophilia. They are mentioned by only 2.3%, or less, of the participants.

Among the other findings, 9 fantasies are considered unusual and are mentioned by 15.9% or less of male and female participants: urinating on partner, wearing opposite-sex clothing, forcing a person to have sex, attending prostitutes, or having homosexual relations while one is heterosexual.

Finally, are there really abnormal fantasies?

Although it is very difficult to define exactly what a deviant fantasy is, we can admit that the involvement of a non-consenting person, children, rape, torture or bestiality are things that can lead to wrongdoing by justice that goes beyond normalcy.

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