Why simulating orgasm can be helpful

Simulating orgasm would help to keep one's spouse and limit infidelity.

Simulating orgasm is not always dramatic in a couple. In fact, more than half of women are able to simulate orgasm from time to time. Men are not left behind, according to an Ifop survey, one in four men also said they have already simulated.

Different motivations for men and women

Although simulation is more common among women, men also simulate but for different reasons. They usually do it through insecurity or to feel power and manipulate their partner.
As for women, they simulate to make their partner enjoy and to feel a sexual connection. This altruistic simulation would retain their companion and prevent infidelity.
An American study published in 2012 in the Archives of sexual behavioramong 453 heterosexual women, whose average age was 22 and living in a relationship for more than 33 months, has shown that the greater the risk of infidelity, the more women tend to simulate Orgasm. So flattering his ego, they keep the interest and excitement in the couple.

A simulation not without guilt

In simulating, women tend to cultivate the emotional bond with their partner to maintain the relationship. Yet for half of them, this lie is heavy to bear and makes them feel guilty.

So how to simulate?

There is no particular technique for simulating an orgasm or sexual pleasure. The most important thing is to be credible enough to make your partner believe that you feel a pleasure intense enough to keep you excited.
If it is not made under duress, the simulation can also be useful to stimulate pleasure when one feels tired or that one has less envy. Without falling into excess, it can even stimulate the partner's orgasm and perhaps even his. What to simulate without guilt!

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