Ehpad: Strikers call for hiring and better working conditions

Mobilized in front of the Ministry of Health or present to elderly people with a support armband, the staff of the Ehpad and home help services are demanding more resources from the government.

Staff from Ehpad retirement homes and home help services gathered in front of the Ministry of Health in Paris and the Regional Health Agencies (ARS) on Monday (July 1st). Others, staying with the elderly people they care for, have an armband to show their support for the strikers.

Lack of resources and staff

In the same voice, they demand more means and better working conditions. "We demand that the state take its responsibilities," Pascal Champvert, president of the Association of Directors for the Elderly (AD-PA), told Europe 1. "This situation has lasted too long, we do not spend enough time with our elders, whether they live at home or in institutions."

Lack of resources, shortage of staff, especially to replace those parties leave ... Malika Belarbi, health care aide in Ehpad and head of the health branch of the CGT qualifies, France Info, "the situation" of " dramatic". "We are all, really all, be the elderly and the caregivers, suffering". Nursing staff chained hours, often to the detriment of their health and are not numerous enough to properly care for seniors, especially in times of heat wave. Work accidents are more numerous in this sector than in the construction industry.

The consequences of population growth

And the future is not all rosy. The demographic explosion suggests that the number of people over 85 will be multiplied by 3.2 in 2050 (4.8 million people) and that 2.2 million of them will be dependent. Last March, Dominique Libault, President of the High Council for Financing Social Welfare, gave the Prime Minister a report containing 175 proposals to fill the gap, including the creation of 80,000 additional jobs in this sector.

Because the government is attentive. In May 2018, the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn has released its roadmap "old age and autonomy" with the aim of improving support for the elderly. "In the face of the challenge of aging, there is a strong expectation, and it is my duty and that of the public authorities to prepare for the future and set the course, so that we can maintain a fair and dignified place for our elders in our sides, "she said in the preamble. The minister had announced the release of an additional 360 million euros over three years for the recruitment of staff in the Ehpad.

The urgency of creating jobs

But a year later, health care workers sound the alarm. In an interview with Parisian, Pascal Champvert insists on the urgency of the situation: "Edouard Philippe has promised a law for 2020. But we will not wait until 2021 the first possible effects.The report Libault advocates the creation of 80 000 jobs in our sector. agrees on the finding, now we have to go! The staff are at an end, burnouts are multiplying (...) We need two jobs per structure, or 20,000 jobs for the 10,000 host institutions and 20,000 jobs for the 10,000 home-based services, whose model has become unsustainable. "

And to argue: "In 2006, Dominique de Villepin, Prime Minister, promised eight professionals for ten seniors in 2012. It is in 2019 and the state boasts that we have gone from five to six! face the challenge of aging, loss of autonomy, it takes a rate of ten to ten.

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