Cigarettes trafficked: 6 young people intoxicated by a very powerful drug in Roanne

In Roanne, six young people were hospitalized after smoking a trafficked cigarette offered by a stranger in the street. It could be a synthetic drug up to 400 times more potent than cannabis.

Psychosis settles. In the city of Roanne (Loire), in the space of four days, six young people were hospitalized after smoking a smuggled cigarette offered in the street by a stranger. All of them lost consciousness and were robbed of their belongings.

Jordan is one of the victims of this new kind of theft. Interviewed by France Info, the 17-year-old tells of being approached by strangers Sunday night while he was with a friend in a city square. One of them offered them a cigarette. "I had to take only two taffes and my friend took two or three, too, not even ten seconds, my vision started to fog in. Then I had a blackout." Jordan's friend, who remained conscious, was able to alert passersby. Their phones have been stolen.

"I was eating pebbles"

France Bleu Saint-Etienne Loire reports that the two victims were found one in an apathetic state, the other in a state of violence. "I was eating pebbles," says Jordan. Another victim attempted to attack a firefighter who came to rescue her.

On Wednesday, July 31, a new victim was hospitalized in a similar state. "Since Saturday we have recorded four separate facts about Roanne and Le Coteau that killed six people in four days," AFP Roanne public prosecutor Abdelkrim Grini told AFP. The world.

An investigation was opened by the public prosecutor's office of Roanne for "aggravated thefts with violence and in meetings and by the administration of harmful substances".

A drug 400 times more potent than cannabis

"To identify the product in question, analyzes are underway from recovered cigarette butts and blood tests of victims," ​​the prosecutor's office said. The first results show the presence of tobacco on which a synthetic psychotropic was sprayed, up to 400 times more potent than cannabis.

While waiting to arrest the perpetrators, probably affiliated with the local delinquency, the police call for caution. "I invite all young people who would be approached in this way to refuse any cigarette, or at least not to share a cigarette with strangers," said Abdelkrim Grini at the microphone of France Bleu Saint-Étienne-Loire.

A call for vigilance has also been launched on social networks.

Sunday, July 28 at 23:00 in @VilledeRoanne two teenagers are approached by young people offering them cigarettes visibly trafficked. After loss of consciousness, the victims were "stripped" of ???? . Any precaution to take on this type of facts, dial 17.

- National Police 42 (@ PoliceNat42) July 30, 2019

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