Download an application

Download an application that will give you, every day, thanks to the GPS of your smartphone the distance traveled, the time, the average speed

Essential physical exercise? Unquestionably ... But how long?

The time required to obtain a result is at least 45 minutes, at least 3 times a week. The real advice would be "at least" 45 minutes a day and as often as possible.

Physical and not sport, not to suffer the effects of excess.

It is difficult to appreciate the amount of effort provided. We can very well "drag" on a few kilometers and not benefit, both for health than for weight. There is an unstoppable help, an essential tool: the application for "smartphone" to manage time and distance.

From the beginning of your physical efforts, download an application that calculates and records basic performance:

  • The duration of the exercise
  • The distance and the number of steps
  • The intensity of the effort if you attach it to your watch or to a belt at the chest ...

At the same time, the program will compile the results, both on your phone and your computer.

It will be your guide and the objective witness of your progress.

Because if competition is one of the dangers of the practice of group exercise, everything changes when the opponent is oneself. Fighting against yourself every day, trying to do faster and further than the day before, or at least as well, is a goal that remains reasonable. These applications are amazingly accurate. They will allow you to modulate and especially to avoid the sores of the first days.

There are many free apps. I selected three that have worked perfectly for years:

  • Runkeeper
  • Nike's
  • And that Decathlon, Decat'Coach

Do not hesitate to test several.

An application is your best ally; silent but present!

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