The French consider that living in the country is the ideal way of life

Four in five consider that living in the country is more enjoyable. Nature, calm and air quality are the main reasons advanced.

"Happiness is in the meadow", such is the conclusion of an Ifop survey for the association Rural Families. In total, 81% of respondents believe that living in the country is an ideal way of life.

Away from pollution and hubbub

The quality of life, the calm and a less polluted environment are the advanced criteria to explain this choice of life. In fact, pollution and automobile traffic continue to degrade the health of the inhabitants. A recent Danish study estimated that 10 micrograms of fine particles per cubic meter of air reduce the lifespan of urban dwellers from 9 to 11 years.

Several studies point to a deterioration in the respiratory health of children whose percentages of asthma and pollen allergy rise by 20 to 30%. Exposure to air pollution also disrupts the pregnant woman by causing epigenetic changes in the placenta, putting the health of the future child at risk. Among the other notable consequences of air pollution, it can also be noted that it leads to an increased risk of sleep disorders.

Facts that explain, in part, why young people are the most sensitive to the charms of the campaign: 60% of under 25 years have a strong appeal for this lifestyle, against 45% of the rest of the population. Only 19% of French people say they aspire to a totally urban life, in which they work and live in the city.

The decrease in the cost of living also motivates city dwellers to migrate to the countryside. "To embark on an ambitious plan of ecological transition to preserve and consolidate the quality of life, the first asset of attractiveness of the rural territories, will contribute to answer to the main aspiration expressed by the French in this study", explains the association Rural Families.

The rural world "in decline"

But everything is not rosy in the countryside. Six in ten consider the rural world "in decline" and 51% of those who live there feel "abandoned". The rural people believe that their territories are the most neglected of the metropolis, in front of the "France of the suburbs".

Among the obstacles to the installation in the countryside, first of all, there is the lack of public service (70%) which is highlighted, followed by the lack of jobs (62%) and transport (54%). . The fight against medical deserts, the disappearance of local shops and the decline in the supply of public transport would improve the attractiveness of the rural world according to the association Families Rural that commissioned the study.

Improve internet access, a priority

Improving internet access is also a priority to meet this need for rural attractiveness. 60% of French people say that if they were to start a business, they would like to do it in rural areas. "This campaign must be equipped, equipped with technological means as in the city, for example, broadband must go everywhere," argues Dominique Marmier, the president of the association Rural Families. However, the inhabitants of the countryside are 93% "satisfied" to live in the rural world. Currently, about 27 million people live in these rural areas.

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